Free Basic English Dictionary – Letter D


d dam damage dance danger dark date daughter day dead deaf deal debate debt decide declare decrease deep defeat defend deficit define degree delay delegate demand democracy demonstrate denounce deny depend deplore deploy depression describe desert design desire destroy detail detain develop device dictator die diet different difficult dig dinner diplomat direct direction dirt disappear disarm disaster discover discrimination discuss […]

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Free Basic English Dictionary – Letter C


c cabinet call calm camera camp campaign can cancel cancer candidate capital capture car care career careful carry case cat catch cause ceasefire celebrate center century ceremony chairman champion chance change charge chase cheat cheer chemicals chemistry chief child children choose circle citizen city civil rights civilian claim clash class clean clear clergy climate climb clock close cloth clothes cloud […]

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Free Basic English Dictionary – Letter B


b baby back bad balance ball balloon ballot ban bank bar barrier base battle be beat beauty because become bed before begin behavior behind believe belong below beneath best betray better between big bill biology bird bite black blame bleed blind block blood blow blue boat body boil bomb bone book border born borrow both bottle bottom box boy boycott […]

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Free Basic English Dictionary – Letter A


a able about above abuse accept accident accuse across act activist actor add administration admit adult advertise advise affect afraid after again against age agency aggression ago agree agriculture aid aim air air force airplane airport album alcohol alive all ally almost alone along already also although always ambassador amend ammunition among amount an anarchy ancestor ancient and anger animal […]

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Take breaks

students take breaks

Take breaks  Don’t study ‟during the whole day” but pay attention to taking breaks in between the studying period. Never study longer than 50 minutes straight, otherwise you will overexert yourself! When memorizing vocabulary or simple sentence structures I would generally recommend the 20/20/20 Method: Learn 20 minutes – relax for 20 minutes and then repeat 20 minutes. Go through […]

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The Old Man And The Tree


A motivating story about learning the English language Read this real story about an average man learning the language. ‟Everything is possible” were the first words  that a refugee learnt when he was brought to a camp in a foreign country a few years ago. This sentence characterizes the mentality among the people in his home country, he thought, and soon […]

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Structure & Overview


Structure & Overview: Before you start studying, provide yourself with a summary of the complete contents! Then divide the contents up into parts. Set realistic aims (stages) and check over and over, whether you have reached them in the time you planned. Don´t lose sight of the real aim (= a safe preparation of the examination/test)! Don´t try to learn […]

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