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Structure & Overview: Before you start studying, provide yourself with a summary of the complete contents! Then divide the contents up into parts. Set realistic aims (stages) and check over and over, whether you have reached them in the time you planned. Don’t lose sight of the real aim (= a safe preparation of the examination/test)! Don’t try to learn new contents the day before the examination. Rather, remind yourself that you are well prepared, because you have adhered to your studying plan! Take breaks: Don’t study “during the day” but pay attention to taking breaks inbetween studying. Never study longer than 50 minutes straight, otherwise you will overexert yourself! Reward yourself with movement, fresh air, and healthy snacks, meals and drinks during your short, studying breaks (see below)! At first, begin with the easy subjects, so that you can warm yourself up and prepare for the more difficult tasks!

Diet & Attitude: Pay attention to your health and posture! Does the studying subject grow beyond you or do you sit in front of it in an upright position? Generally pay attention: Low-fat, lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grain products. With these, the brain is supplied with the sufficient carbohydrates. In addition, these foods contain many of the necessary B vitamins. Drinking regularly: Water, mineral water, freshly squeezed fruit juices or tea. Avoid coffee or medicinal drugs!

Quick workstation & quick studying time: Look at your workstation critically. This place should be primarily reserved for studying. Turn interference factors off and throw unnecessary stuff into the wastebasket. Find the optimal time of day for you to study! By studying with an eye on the clock, you also learn to assess your time! Concentration: Concentrate when studying on the essentials: Do what you do! Also try to study once with background music and find ways to turn disturbing thoughts and influences off. You can try out the use of aroma lamps – enhancing concentration and creating an overall feeling of well-being. Concentration exercises, games, puzzles and diversion exercises can help you along! Reward: Reward yourself after the reaching of aims and enjoy your success! (C) 2014 by Mag. Schaller

Communicate with people in English and find numerous tips and links when learning the English language.

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